Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Mom!

Bill and Doris Wheeler as newlyweds in 1954

This photo was taken shortly after my parents were married, on the steps of the duplex they shared in Berkeley, California for a few months before purchasing their own house.  Today, Mom is celebrating her 93rd birthday, and I would like to share this poem in her honor.

A Prayer for a Mother's Birthday

by Henry Van Dyke

Lord Jesus, Thou hast known
A mother's love and tender care:
And Thou wilt hear, while for my own
Mother most dear I make this birthday prayer.

Protect her life, I pray,
Who gave the gift of life to me;
And may she know, from day to day,
The deepening glow of Life that comes from Thee.

As once upon her breast
Fearless and well content I lay,
So let her heart, on Thee at rest,
Feel fears depart and troubles fade away.

Her every wish fulfill;
And even if Thou must refuse
In anything, let Thy wise will
A comfort bring such as kind mothers use.

Ah, hold her by the hand,
As once her hand held mine;
And though she may not understand
Life's winding way, lead her in peace divine.
I cannot pay my debt
For all the love that she has given;
But Thou, love's Lord, wilt not forget
Her due reward,--bless her in earth and heaven.      


Luci J. Baker Johnson said...

Chery -

What a wonderful way to honor your mother on this special day. I know your mother is as special to you, as mine is to me.

I recently saw this sentiment and I think your mother would express this and I bet she does in her own way.

"Dear Daughter,
If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me. xoxo Mom"


Chery Kinnick said...

Thank you, Luci... that is a truly beautiful sentiment.