Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This WPA poster from the late 1930s, designed by Vera Bock, is just as applicable today as it was then. It's also the perfect segway into my next blog entry.

Image source: American Memory Project. Reference: Posters of the WPA / Christopher DeNoon. Los Angeles : Wheatly Press, c1987, frontspiece.


  1. i feel good earning my bucks today

  2. Great historical art! I'm looking forward to seeing what your next post is about.

    I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award. See my posting at: CanadaGenealogy

  3. I like how you are using readily available sources like the American Memory Project to assist in creating a "picture" for a time period! I like to do that too, since I don't always have photographs of relatives, it really helps to develop their life in the time period that they lived. I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award! See

  4. Thank you for the nomination, Ladies. I appreciate it!