Thursday, February 21, 2008

Non-Fiction Meme

I've been tagged for a non-fiction meme by Lori Thornton at Smoky Mountain Family Historian.

Q: What issues/topic interests you most--non-fiction, i.e, cooking, knitting, stitching, there are infinite topics that has nothing to do with novels?

My books have been packed away for so long that I'm in danger of not remembering them, but as I recall, most of my personal library has been, and is, non-fiction dealing with the following subjects and more: writing; genealogy; pioneer history; Scandinavians; World War II history; history of China; astronomy; science-fiction in the media; English gardens and architecture; antiques and depression glass; travel.

If it is permissable to mention non-fiction books about fiction, then one of my earliest reference treasures is the Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Great Britain. It's just the thing if you want to know where all of those old English poets and literary geniuses are buried. I use my writing and citation books the most, but I am also fond of books that send me into a creative haze, like the Laura Ashley Book of Home Decorating.

Q: Would you like to review books concerning those?

Once in awhile I am so inspired by a book, like Bold Spirit: Helga Estby's Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America, by Linda Lawrence Hunt, that I type up a review and send it to friends, but that's about all I'd like to do.

Q: Would you like to be paid or do it as an interest or hobby?

No thanks... just when the mood strikes me. Once you are paid to do something, it loses a bit of its attraction.

Q: Would you recommend those to your friends and how?

Oh yes. I recommend books to my friends and family by pulling them off the shelf, or by taking them along to writing groups, for the most part. Then, there's always this blog, you know.

Q: If you have already done something like this, link it to your post.

If my own book doesn't count, then I guess there's nothing to link!

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footnoteMaven said...

Chery (MG):

Just when I thought there couldn't be another book for me, you come up with a terrific choice, the Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Great Britain. Now that's a book I'd love to have.

Also found this one today, 1899 - The History of Prostitution by W. Sanger M.D. This could be really interesting!