Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Norway Kommune (County) Maps

Karla at the Norway List has provided researchers with some digitized kommune maps of Norway (donated by Michael Landmark). Hoorah! With these maps, you can see right down to village and parish names. This level of detail is very helpful for pinpointing exactly where it is that Great Great Uncle Peder Pedersen came from, and the reason he met and married Kari Karlsdatter from Harran is because it's just a hop, skip and a jump away from Peder's home parish of Grong.

Many of us doing Norwegian research have used bygdebøker: local family and community histories written by Norwegians--in Norwegian. They are a treasure house of information, if one can pick out a few basic terms in the language. One thing they are often lacking, however, is a good map.

While these maps may not be copied for commercial purposes because their copyright has not yet expired, they are great for using as a personal reference.

Now, is it Namsos or Namskoggan that is the furthest north? I'm always getting the two mixed up...

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