Friday, July 06, 2007

Simply "Blogged Down" for Awhile

I thought I should write something before this blog withers away. Much of my spring and summer has been taken up by family health concerns. My husband recently had surgery: one down, one to go. He will be doing great in no time, so no worries. It has put a tiny damper on writing and research, but nonetheless, there is news.

I have a release date for my book of images: "Snoqualmie Pass," by John and Chery Kinnick ( It will be available beginning October 8. You will not find it listed on the website just yet, but info should appear well before the release date. I am also in the final prep stages for the family history I have been working on for five years; it will be going to the printers in August. I decided on a slight title change in order to make the family history subject matter more evident at a glance. I am currently taking pre-orders from family members for "A Long Way Downstream: the Life and Family of Thibertine Johnson Winje, Norwegian-American Pioneer."

I have also been gathering information on my next topic for the Nearby History writing seminar offered through Seattle's Museum of History and Industry - my second go around. During last year's seminar I met two exceptional ladies, Luci Baker Johnson and Cathy Lykes, who are also passionate about Norwegian American research. The three of us formed a writer's support group (the "Nearby Norwegians") and meet monthly to share ideas. We are completely invigorated by these sessions! For those of you thinking of forming or joining a writer's support group, I highly recommend it.

In the next blog post, I will write about my great great grandfather (Gulbran Olsen Berge) and his experience during the crossing of the Hannah Parr, a Norwegian immigrant ship. In 1868, it suffered major storm damage while setting out across the Atlantic, and had to limp back to Limerick, Ireland for extensive repairs. I am also hoping to update my website soon with images from an 1880s-1890s photograph album belonging to my great grandparents, Ole and Malla Johnson of Clearwater County, Minnesota.

So much genealogy, and so little time...

I wish you a family history-filled summer. Apologies to my relatives for not making the Anderson Family reunion in Minnesota this week... I know it must have been fun (especially the auction).

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Congratulations on the books, you must tell me all about it in Nearby History this fall.

Also, sorry to hear about your husband, I hope all is well.