Wednesday, January 09, 2019

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks (Week 2): Challenge


Grandma would never have had a child out of wedlock... right?

One of the first challenges I had to master as a budding family historian was to resist the temptation to judge too hastily.  It is a common pitfall, especially in the beginning when the cascading effects of success in genealogy research encourages one to gather more and more, faster and faster!

My goal was to write a well researched family history, so I tasked myself with finding out the date of my great-great grandmother's marriage to her second husband.  It was not forthcoming via the usual sources.  There was no family Bible to be found, no family data on the matter, and nothing showed up in the usual online sources.  There were no anniversary celebration announcements in their local papers.  The data did not even appear on after Evangelical Lutheran Church of America records were scanned and transcribed for the family's locality in Chippewa County, Minnesota.