Tuesday, February 10, 2009

High School Survey

I'm out of practice and need to get the blogging brain juices flowing again after a long respite. To help me do that, I've chosen to participate in Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Fun--Your High School Years at Genea-Musings. I hope no one minds that it's actually Tuesday.

Randy wrote:

Hey there, genea-funsters! Are you ready for some Saturday Night family history fun? I realize that many of you are reading this Sunday morning or even later, but that's OK. You can still participate.

There is a great meme going around the genealogy community on Facebook right now - it's called High School Survey. It's 25 questions about your high school senior year, so it's a bit long for our purposes here. I've modified it a bit and picked ten questions for you to ponder about your high school years.

1. What was your school's full name, where was it, and what year did you graduate?

El Cerrito High School, El Cerrito, California (San Francisco East Bay), 1971. They just refurbished the old buildings and created a new campus, so it doesn't look like it used to. Onward into the 21st century...

2. What was the school team nickname, and what are/were your school's colors?

Gauchos, green & white.

3. What was the name of your school song, and can you still sing it?

I never paid much attention to that, though if you hummed a view bars I'd probably recognize it. There was always too much Jimi Hendrix blaring in the background and it was hard to hear :)

4. Did you have a car? How did you get to and from school?

Car? Oh, no! It would have run on vapors, if so. I didn't get a car until I inherited the old Corvair my grandfather owned. In high school, I walked. It's that tried and true method: 1) first, put one foot out, 2) transfer balance, 3) put other foot out, 4) transfer balance, 5) repeat as often as necessary to reach your goal.

5. Did you date someone from your high school? Or marry someone from your high school? Were you considered a flirt?

My first date was to go see "Romeo and Juliet," newly released at the Berkeley Theatre. I married that first date, Dear Reader. No, I wasn't a flirt... I never had the confidence or bravado for that. If I was interested in someone, I used the intent gaze under the eyelashes trick, at least as long as I could stand it. There were precious few honoraries, however. Fred the french horn player was the first, but he never quite got it. What's up with that???

6. What social group were you in?

Somewhere between the outcasts and the in-crowd. I was part of the silent majority and had my own little group of girlfriends: most were "betweens" like me, others were budding intellectuals, whose company I craved. Many of my closest friends participated in Camp Fire Girls activities together.

7. Who was/were your favorite teachers?

I'd say Mr. Rust, an anthropology teacher. He was different, enthusiastic, and definitely loved his topic. He taught about the past, but looked toward the future.

8. What did you do on Friday nights?

Not much of anything, really. I sat at home and watched TV or looked at the moon until I met my boyfriend. He was a little socially-challenged, too, so we just hung out together. A few times, we went to home games where I obviously did not pay attention to the school song.

9. Did you go to and have fun at the Senior Prom?

Gads, no. I've never been into the dresses and glitter thing, but if someone had encouraged me I probably would have gone.

10. Have you been to reunions, and are you planning on going to the next reunion?

I keep in touch with a few old school friends and I love to connect with people from the past, but the reunion situation has never appealed to me. Too many judgment daggers thrown about in that scene...

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