Monday, June 16, 2008

Fishy Treasure From the Past

Not too long ago, an old safe was discovered "deep in the bowels'" of a fish cannery in Astoria, Oregon. As its discoverers waited for a locksmith to uncrack the door, they pondered what treasure would be found inside. Was it gold and silver... stockpiled funds from a business long ago defunct? Or, could the safe contain historical documents and artifacts unlocking mysteries of Astoria's past?

(obnoxious buzzer sounds)

None of the above! Although the safe is over 100 years old, the contents turned out to be:

canned fish, and only decades-old canned fish, at that.

Is there a history lesson in this? Or, was it just another practical joke by a Norwegian-American fisherman on his day off?

See the complete article: "Contents of Oregon's mystery safe revealed."

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