Monday, February 25, 2008

Spotlight on "I Remember JFK"

I was searching the internet for some information about an old product, and came across Ron Enderland's wonderful blog chock full of Baby Boomer memories. As many family historians know, the most interesting stories are told using family, social, and cultural history, in addition to genealogy. You will be amazed at what memories pop up as you read through posts about anything and everything Baby Boomer, ranging from Saturday morning cartoons to streakers to plastic pink flamingos. This should inspire us toward a few family history posts:

A Baby Boomer's Pleasant Reminiscing Spot

"Welcome, Baby Boomers! We've all gotten a bit older, but we're still kids at heart. With that, may I present a host of memories from my childhood at I Remember JFK. If you are old enough to even barely remember that sad day In Dallas, my site will click with you. You'll find yourself saying over and over again 'I'd forgotten all about that!' So relive memories from the 60's and 70's (and a few from the 50's, thanks to our older commenters) at the best Baby Boomer nostalgia site on the web!"

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