Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spotlight on Amy's Genealogy, Etc. Blog

I'm taking up the challenge set by Denise Olson of Family Matters in her January 16 post: "Making Connections: Blogs," in which she encourages us to promote one another to build our online community and the collective knowledge base regarding genealogy and family history.

Today I am highlighting a blog that comes out of central Ohio:

Amy's Genealogy, etc. Blog, by Amy Crow

Genealogy, History, and whatever else crosses my mind...

Now, Ohio isn't very near my home state of Washington, but as the widespread and increasing interest toward genealogy and history blogging has shown: who cares? Learning from others is not restricted to state borders. When I came across Amy's blog, I discovered there a spirit akin to many of the blogs I enjoy, in which history is an inseparable component of genealogy.

Amy says that she read and enjoyed the recent Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories , hosted by Thomas MacEntee at Destination: Austin Family. Yes, that was a hoot, wasn't it? I hope we've all saved up some good stories for next year, too.

Amy Crow is a genealogist in central Ohio who has recently returned to school at Ohio State University to complete a degree in history. She intends to share various discoveries and thoughts about genealogy and history, and has been blogging since September 2007.

"This is a very exciting time to be involved in genealogy," says Amy. She is also involved in a new hobby — Waymarking. She describes Waymarking as a "game/project/obsession which uses GPS coordinates to mark locations of interest and share them with others." She indicates that some of the largest Waymarking categories are historical in nature, such as the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Some of her favorite categories include Worldwide Cemeteries and Ohio Historic Markers. Amy indicates that Waymarking is a good fit for a genealogist/historian/photographer/techie person like her.

And so, we all want to offer our support and encouragement to Amy to join in the community of the Carnival of Genealogy bloggers, hosted by Creative Gene and others. Like Waymarking, the Carnival is very addictive. Amy, we look forward to your future posts and comments, and we hope to learn a lot about Waymarking!

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  1. Thanks for linking to and promoting the COG and my blog, Chery! :-)

  2. But, of course... you are quite welcome, award-winning Lady!!! A favor in return, perhaps? Could you please add me to your Blogging Buddies list? I'd be honored...

  3. Thanks for highlighting my blog! Yes, I definitely need to join the Carnival -- this is too much fun :-)