Thursday, September 06, 2007

Eight Things About Me No One Else is Likely to Tell You

I can't hope to keep pace with some of the prolific and terrific bloggers out there in Genealogy Blogland that I admire so much... but in the spirit of things, I'll accept the challenge to tag myself on an "Eight Things" meme already addressed by Janice Brown, who keeps the Cow Hampshire blog, as well as the ever-mysterious footnoteMaven.

At least this one I can address with a minimum of research:

1. When very pregnant with me, my mother had a mole removed from her forehead, which bounced off her cheek as it fell. When I was born, I had a birthmark in that exact same location on the cheek. Coincidence? I had it removed several years ago, only because I had to.

2. I first had dreams of being an astronomer, but found words to be kinder to my brain than numbers. Who else out there has read "Starlight Nights" by Leslie C. Peltier? Ah ha! Thought so...

3. I am quite shy, but make a living as a supervisor who tells other people what to do.

4. I have studied both French and Norwegian, but in particular have a fascination for the strangeness of the German language.

5. I am a fake; I am only half Norwegian. My other side is magnetically attracted to heather on a foggy moor, plaid, and bagpipes--any time of the day.

6. Two of my most memorable experiences, aside from the first day of kindergarten, romance, childbirth, yadda-yadda-yadda, were: 1) observing the diamond-like Globular Cluster through the huge, antique Lick Observatory 36-inch refractor telescope on Mt. Hamilton, CA., and 2) taking a winter sleigh ride under the stars, complete with bells and blankets, through the beloved Engadine Valley in Switzerland, of "Heidi" fame.

7. Speaking of romance... my first crushes were on Paul McCartney, Mr. Spock, and Fred the french horn player (10th grade). Hey, I did get to shake Leonard Nimoy's hand once!

8. My main claim to name-dropping dates back to when I was a staff member at a hotel on illustrious Nob Hill in San Francisco, and was called "Honey" by Danny Kaye, and "Sugar" by Omar Sharif. Boy, they knew how to work it!

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